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Sodium nitrite
Sodium nitrite

Sodium nitrite

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Sodium nitrite


Sodium nitrite (nano ν) is an inorganic salt formed by the ionization and formation of nitrite ions and sodium. Sodium nitrite is easily deliquescent and soluble in water and liquid ammonia. Its aqueous solution is alkaline and its pH is about 9. It is slightly soluble in organic solvents such as ethanol, methanol and ether. Sodium nitrite has a salty taste and is often used to make fake salt. Sodium nitrite will react with oxygen to form sodium nitrate when exposed to air. If heated above 320 ℃, it decomposes to produce oxygen, nitrogen oxide and sodium oxide. Contact with organic matter is easy to burn and explode. Because of its salty taste and low price, it is often used as an unreasonable substitute for salt in the production of illegal food. Because sodium nitrite is toxic, food containing industrial salt is very harmful to human body and carcinogenic.

chromatography. Drop analysis is used to determine mercury, potassium and chlorate. Diazotization reagent. Nitrosation reagent.

Soil analysis. Serum bilirubin was measured in liver function test.

Bleaching agent for silk and flax, metal heat treatment agent; Steel corrosion inhibitor; It is an antidote to cyanide poisoning and a laboratory analytical reagent. It is used as a chromogenic agent, anti microbial agent and preservative in meat product processing.

It is used in bleaching, electroplating and metal treatment. It is called industrial salt.

Packing: 25kg / 50kg

Executive standard: gb2367-2006