Calcium ammonium nitrate
Calcium ammonium nitrate
Calcium ammonium nitrate

Calcium ammonium nitrate

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  Calcium ammonium nitrate


Calcium ammonium nitrate is white round granulation and 100% soluble in water. It is a new high-efficiency compound fertilizer containing nitrogen and quick acting calcium. It has the characteristics of fast fertilizer effect and rapid nitrogen supplement, in which calcium and magnesium are added. The nutrients are more comprehensive than ammonium nitrate and can be directly absorbed by plants; This product is a neutral fertilizer with low physiological acidity and can improve acidic soil. After being applied into the soil, the pH is small, which will not cause soil hardening and can make the soil loose. At the same time, it can reduce the concentration of active aluminum, reduce the fixation of active phosphorus, and provide water-soluble calcium, which can improve the resistance of plants to diseases. It can promote the activity of beneficial microorganisms in soil. When planting cash crops, flowers, fruits, vegetables and other crops, the fertilizer can prolong the flowering period, promote the normal growth of roots, stems and leaves, bright fruit color and increase fruit sugar.

Calcium ammonium nitrate is a new high-efficiency compound fertilizer containing nitrogen and available calcium. It is characterized by rapid nitrogen supplement, and plants can directly absorb nitrogen and calcium; Low physiological acidity can make the soil loose without hardening; It can promote the beneficial activities of microorganisms in soil and increase the soil aggregate structure; Reduce the concentration of active aluminum and improve the utilization rate of phosphorus by crops.

Calcium ammonium nitrate is suitable for greenhouse and field crops. It can prolong flowering period, promote bright fruit color, increase sugar content and improve plant disease resistance.

Calcium ammonium nitrate can be used as base fertilizer and topdressing.

Package: 25kg / 50kg / 1000kg / 1200kg / 1250kg

Executive standard: ny2269-2012