Calcium nitrate
Calcium nitrate
Calcium nitrate

Calcium nitrate

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Calcium nitrate

202110195217.jpgWhite crystal. There are two kinds of crystals. Easy to absorb moisture. Heat to about 500 ℃ for decomposition. Soluble in water, ethanol, methanol and acetone, almost insoluble in concentrated nitric acid. relative density α Type 1.896, β Type 1.82. melting point α Type 42.7 ℃, β Type 39.7 ℃. Low toxicity, LD50 (rat, oral) 3900mg / kg. It is oxidizing and releases oxygen when heated. It will burn and explode in case of organic matter, sulfur, etc.

Function and use
1. Electronic industry is used for coating cathode, agriculture is used as quick acting fertilizer for acidic soil and rapid calcium supplement for plants.
2. Used as analytical reagent and fireworks material.
3. It is the raw material for making other nitrates.

Common sense

Agricultural calcium nitrate is a typical fast acting foliar fertilizer. It can act more smoothly on acidic soil. The calcium in the fertilizer can neutralize the acidity in the soil. It is especially convenient for regenerative fertilization of winter crops, post (Qualitative) additional fertilization of grains, excessive alfalfa growth fertilization, sugar beet, feed beet, poppy, corn and green feed mixture, and additional fertilization to effectively eliminate calcium deficiency in plants. It adopts advanced plant growth theory and has the characteristics of rapid calcium and nitrogen supplement. Its unique combination of nitrate nitrogen and 100% water-soluble calcium provides many properties and advantages that other chemical fertilizers do not have. It is one of the valuable fertilizers on the market. Calcium nitrate contains 11.8% nitrogen (nitrate) and 23.7% water-soluble calcium (CAO) evenly in each grain, which is conducive to the absorption of nutrient elements by crops, enhance the stress resistance of melons, fruits and vegetables, promote early maturity and improve the quality of fruits and vegetables. It is widely used in basic application, topdressing, flushing application and leaf spraying in agriculture. It can also be used as a nutrient solution for soilless cultivation. It is rich in calcium ions. Its application year after year will not deteriorate the physical properties of the soil, but also improve the physical properties of the soil. It is suitable for sugar beet, potato, barley, hemp and other crops, and is widely used in all kinds of soil, especially in acid soil lacking calcium.

Application method:
1. It is more suitable for topdressing in dry land. However, it should be noted that the fertilizer nutrients of calcium nitrate are easy to be lost, which can be applied in small amounts and times, and generally not before the rain.
2. When used as base fertilizer, it can be applied in combination with rotten organic fertilizer, phosphorus fertilizer (calcium superphosphate) and potassium fertilizer, which can significantly improve the fertilizer efficiency. However, it should not be mixed with calcium superphosphate alone to prevent reducing the fertilizer efficiency of phosphate fertilizer.
3. Due to the low nitrogen content of calcium nitrate, the dosage in use is more than that of other nitrogen fertilizers.
matters needing attention:
1. Paddy field should not be applied, because calcium nitrate belongs to nitrate nitrogen and is easy to leach with water.
2. It cannot be mixed with fresh manure and compost, because the organic acid generated in the process of fertilizer fermentation will decompose calcium nitrate into nitric acid, resulting in the loss of fertilizer nutrients.

Packing: 25kg / 50kg / 1000kg

Executive standard: Hg / t3787-2005