Molten potassium nitrate
Molten salt grade potassium nitrate
Molten salt grade potassium nitrate

Molten salt grade potassium nitrate

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Molten salt grade potassium nitrate


Molten salts are divided into two categories:

The service temperature of class I products is t = 250 ℃ ~ 530 ℃, binary composition.
The service temperature of class II products is t = 160 ℃ ~ 400 ℃. Type I is triple and type II is binary.

Specification: GB / t36376-2018
Appearance: white or slightly yellow crystal.

Binary Molten Salt mixes two nitrates (40% potassium nitrate and 60% sodium nitrate) and heats them to melt into liquid to realize its heat storage function.

Usage: in terms of function, the basic principle is the same as that of winter heating water, which is used as heat storage medium. One of the ways of heating in winter in the north is to heat water through the heat source, and the hot water is transported to thousands of households through the water pump, which makes the winter indoor warm like spring through the heat sink.

Although the working principles of molten salt and water are the same, water is liquid at 0 ℃ - 100 ℃ and molten salt is liquid at 207 ℃ - 600 ℃. Compared with water, molten salt with the same volume has many unique performance advantages, such as large heat capacity, low pressure, wide temperature and so on.

Technical requirements for binary molten salt are as follows: