Address by the chairman
Address by the chairman
Chairman: Hao Weidong

 With the rapid development of industrialization and urbanization in China, the demand for energy in China has been increasing rigidly, the production cost caused by the rising fuel price has been rising continuously, and the cost of using steam in large-scale enterprises has been rising rapidly. China has identified clean energy development as an important component of its future energy plans and has made efforts to reduce the share of coal in the energy mix. China’s energy and resources industry restructuring and increasing the use of clean energy has become a strategic choice for energy development.     

As a clean and renewable energy, solar energy has been paid more and more attention and applied in more and more fields. According to the characteristics of solar energy and the need of practical application, it is one of the effective ways to solve the problem of industrial steam by using the heat storage of solar energy. As a renewable energy technology and a good technical approach in the alternative market, the efficient use of solar energy for solar thermal collection has begun to attract more and more attention and has been put into practice, to ease the pressure on businesses from rising energy costs.

Changsheng new energy uses the company’s own molten salt products and technical advantages to build a molten salt energy storage island platform to provide heat storage services for industrial steam users, solar thermal power stations and clean heating, integrating the suppliers of Collector Mirror, collector tube and tracking system in the trough solar collector system, fully utilizing all kinds of new energy, providing the integrated service of “Wind-light-storage-use”, and introducing financial institutions to provide financial services. We can provide the molten salt storage island leasing and recycling service for industrial steam users, light and heat power stations, and clean heating, users do not need to pay additional costs to dispose of hazardous waste, our company can re-separation of molten salt for industrial and agricultural fertilizer use.         

On behalf of all my colleagues, I would like to thank you again for your attention and support!       

We sincerely invite you to guide the work of the company, win-win cooperation, clean energy industry healthy, stable and efficient development, to contribute to the Blue Sky Defense.