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Shanxi Changsheng New Energy Technology Co. , Ltd. (“Shanxi Changsheng Group”for short) is a supplier of clean heat with the core of thermal energy storage technology, and A HIGH-TECH ENTERPRISE ENGAGED IN R & D, design, production and sales of thermal energy storage systems. The group consists of Shanxi Wojin new materials Co. , Ltd. , Shanxi Changsheng Trade Co. , Ltd. , Jiaocheng County Xuanfu Fertilizer Co. , Ltd. , Shanxi Changshenghe Logistics Co. , Ltd. . The GROUP'S R & D achievements have been used in the fields of solar thermal power generation and heat storage, abandoned air and molten salt thermal storage heating, molten salt thermal storage and peak shaving power station, intermittent high temperature industrial waste heat recovery and mobile heating station for enterprises needing steam.   

The group is the Vice President Unit of the All-China Federation of Industry and Commerce and Vice President Unit of the National Molten Salt Industry Association, and is one of the standard setters of molten salt products. The molten salt production line launched in 2016 has an annual production capacity of 210,000 tons of potassium nitrate and 100,000 tons of molten salt. The group produces a variety of high, medium and low temperature molten salts to meet the energy storage temperature requirements of various application scenarios. By October 2020, the group has provided more than 50,000 tons of high purity molten salt for the 100MW molten salt tower type solar thermal power plant in Dunhuang, the 50MW Molten Salt Tower type solar thermal power plant in Hami, the 50MW FRESNEL solar thermal power plant in Lanzhou Dacheng, the 50MW tower type solar thermal power plant in Luneng Haixi and the 100MW trough solar thermal power plant in Zhongchuan Heavy Industry Urad Middle Banner, become the market leader of Molten Salt Energy Storage.     

Relying on the strong molten salt manufacturing capacity, the group has formed the integrated system of “MOLTEN SALT manufacturing + energy storage system”and the financial service system, integrating all kinds of low-quality electricity, light and waste heat through the molten salt storage system, it can provide stable, continuous and high quality industrial steam, hot water and electric power for industrial enterprises and heat users. Relying on the strong heat storage capacity of Molten salt energy storage system, it is widely used in many clean energy utilization fields, such as photovoltaic power generation, peak shaving and valley filling, waste heat utilization, clean heat supply, etc. . Successful break the current intermittent waste energy to the energy demand side does not match the state.     

In response to the call for the development and utilization of clean energy, General Secretary Xi’s call for green water, Green Mountains and mountains of gold and silver, the group has actively participated in the strategic planning and construction of the Belt and Road, taking it as our mission to serve the Chinese photovoltaic power generation project wholeheartedly and to contribute to the green development of all mankind, to make innovations and keep forging ahead, in the future, we will try our best to become the professional service provider and the system integrator of the clean energy solution.