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About Us

Shanxi Changsheng Group focuses on research and development, design, manufacture and sale of new materials, equipment and systems for heat storage. The company is a professional manufacturer of molten salts, and Wojin New Materials is a heat storage system integrator. Changsheng New Material Science and Technology is a professional research and development company, the main research and development direction is molten salt heat storage and inorganic ceramic membrane.

The group's research and development achievements have been used in the fields of photothermal power generation and heat storage, thermal power complementary peak shaving, traditional coal-fired power and new energy coupling, civil heating, heating, and mobile heating stations provided by enterprises requiring steam.

Changsheng Group:The group consists of Jiaocheng Bingsheng Chemical Co., Ltd., Shanxi Wojin New Material Co., Ltd., Shanxi Changsheng Trading Co., Ltd., Jiaocheng Xuanfu Fertilizer Co., Ltd., and Shanxi Changshenghe Logistics Co., Ltd.