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Where can industrial potassium nitrate be used?


Industrial potassium nitrate is an inorganic substance, commonly known as fire nitrate or soil nitrate, and KNO3 refers to the nitrate of potassium. (boric acid) is colorless transparent orthorhombic crystal or rhombic crystal or white powder, odorless, non-toxic, salty and cool. It has small moisture absorption in the air, is not easy to agglomerate, is easy to dissolve in water, is soluble in liquid ammonia and glycerol, and is insoluble in absolute ethanol and ether.
Precautions for industrial potassium nitrate operation: close operation and strengthen ventilation. Operators must receive special training and strictly abide by the operating procedures. It is recommended that operators wear hooded electric air supply filter type dust respirator, polyethylene gas suit and neoprene gloves. Keep away from kindling and heat sources. Smoking is strictly prohibited in the workplace. Keep away from inflammables and combustibles. Avoid dust generation. Avoid contact with reducing agents, acids and active metal powders. Handle with care to prevent damage to packaging and containers. Provide corresponding varieties and quantities of fire-fighting equipment and leakage emergency treatment equipment. Emptied containers may leave harmful substances.
What fields can industrial potassium nitrate be used in? Let's talk about it:
It is used as analytical reagent and oxidant, and also for the synthesis of potassium salt and the preparation of explosives.
In the food industry, it is used as chromogenic agent, color protection agent, antimicrobial agent and preservative. For example, it is used for pickled meat and antiseptic in lunch meat.
It is the raw material for making black powder, such as mine powder. It is also used for fireworks to produce purple sparks. Mechanical heat treatment is used as a salt bath for quenching. The ceramic industry is used to make enamels and colored drugs. Used as glass clarifier. It is used for manufacturing glass shell of automobile lamp, optical glass kinescope, etc. The pharmaceutical industry is used to produce penicillin potassium salt and rifampicin. Used for making cigarette paper. Used as catalyst. Beneficiation agent. It is used as compound fertilizer for crops and flowers.
Industrial potassium nitrate is also a permitted chromogenic agent in China. In meat products, it is reduced to potassium nitrite due to bacterial action, which plays the role of color protection and bacteriostasis. According to Chinese regulations, it can be used in meat products. The dosage is 0.5g and the residue shall not exceed 0.03g.
It is used to make fireworks, matches, ceramic glaze medicine, fertilizer, etc.
Industrial potassium nitrate is also widely used in strengthening glass making process.