Application area

Application area



Solar thermal power generation


1. Molten salt energy storage system

The research results of energy storage molten salt owned by the company are in a leading position in the world. The physical and chemical properties of molten salt are fully analyzed, studied and tested, and deeply explored in theory. A pilot test platform for molten salt heat storage has been built, and rich operation experience has been accumulated. The binary salt energy storage system is improved and optimized, and the practical problems in engineering application are solved. In the construction and actual operation of the energy storage system, combined with the full understanding of the parameters and characteristics of molten salt working medium, the design and entrusted production of molten salt heat exchanger, molten salt electric heater, molten salt valve and other products have been completed, and the full set of integration technology of the energy storage system has been mastered.
2. Low melting point salt tank photothermal power generation system

On the basis of many years of theoretical research and practical exploration, our company has successfully combined the low melting point molten salt with the large opening heat collection technology, comprehensively optimized and innovated the system structure, circulation process and operation mode, and launched the low melting point molten salt tank system, which has made a qualitative leap compared with the binary molten salt tank system.
3. Molten salt pretreatment and melting system

The company has designed and manufactured the initial melting system of molten salt, which is mainly used for the initial melting service of energy storage molten salt. The solid molten salt is prepared into mixed molten salt in proportion on site and injected into the salt storage tank after melting and heating up. All components and equipment of the system have been strictly tested and tested, safe, reliable and fully functional. The company provides customers with perfect pre-sales and after-sales services to meet customer needs.