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Application area



Coal to electric heating industrial steam


Molten salt heat storage green heating technology is an electric heating and heat storage central heating technology based on molten salt sensible heat storage. This technology adopts modular molten salt heat storage system, which not only uses low valley power to meet the heating demand of the whole day, effectively transfers surplus valley power, but also fully reflects the price advantage of valley power, reduces the heating cost and completely replaces coal-fired boilers.  
1. Double tank energy storage heating system 

The dual tank energy storage heating system is suitable for large-scale heating projects. In the low power at night, the low-temperature molten salt in the low-temperature molten salt tank is transported to the molten salt electric heater for heating through the molten salt pump, and the heated high-temperature molten salt is stored in the high-temperature molten salt tank for heating during peak power and flat power in the daytime. The heating system transfers the stored heat energy to the water supply through the heat exchange system, heats the heating water supply to the heating temperature, and realizes the heating function through the end coil in the building. The low-temperature molten salt after heat exchange enters the low-temperature molten salt tank to complete the thermal cycle.

2. Single tank energy storage heating system

The single tank energy storage heating system is suitable for small-scale heating projects. It has a compact structure and saves floor space and cost. It adopts the mode of high-temperature and low-temperature two tanks in one, that is, the single tank system for heat storage. This heat storage mode is mainly different from the double tank. The heater is built in a single tank, and the high-temperature and low-temperature molten salt are in the same tank, When the night is low, the low-temperature molten salt is directly heated into high-temperature molten salt in the tank. During heating, the high-temperature molten salt is pumped to the heat exchange system by the molten salt pump for heat exchange to realize heating, and the molten salt after heat exchange returns to the tank.