Application area

Application area



Thermal power flexibility transformation


1、Steam heated molten salt energy storage technology (scheme a) - the only heat storage technology that can realize annual deep peak shaving and peak shaving of non heating units

The innovation of this technology establishes a bypass heater between the main steam and Main Feedwater of the boiler to heat molten salt and store energy. When the thermoelectric unit is decoupled, it can release heat according to the demand heat load at all times, and add the heating area under Datong power to realize thermoelectric decoupling and deep peak shaving. According to specific needs, it can cooperate with other energy storage technologies or low-pressure cylinder cracking and other transformation technologies. All thermal power units have a choice under the demand of deep peak shaving, that is, this scheme is selected for high-temperature energy storage (500-550 ℃), and then the steam turbine generator unit is selected at the tail for peak shaving power generation, which is equivalent to establishing an energy storage peak shaving power station in the plant.

2.Electric heating molten salt energy storage technology (scheme B) - it can flexibly select the peak shaving scale and flexibly combine with other peak shaving technologies

During peak shaving, the molten salt is electrically heated to release heat in real time, and a certain proportion of energy is stored at the same time. The thermal load difference of real-time peak shaving in other periods is supplemented by the energy storage part to realize thermoelectric decoupling.